About AMDesigns

AMDesigns was born from the combination of a long family history in the field of metallurgy with Albert Molina’s passion for two wheels.

The daily and constant work, together with the deep study in the field with riders and high level semi-professional and amateur teams, made possible the growth of AM Designs, refining more and more the designs. The world of Rally is an indispensable part of our journey, following the needs of the rider and achieving maximum quality manufacturing.

The Team:

Albert Molina

Technical manager for projects, development and manufacturing.

Ever since he had his first bike at the age of 7, the world of wheels has been a part of Albert’s life.

While competing at the amateur level in Extreme Enduro and longer races, he began his passion for the desert and his routes through Morocco. He began working in the Rally space preparing and adapting bikes, starting with his own and then those of his friends.

Combining the family profession of metalwork with his passion for offroad bikes and Rally world, this path started to become a real profession: ideas for chassis modifications and other improvements to make bikes more competitive, turned into long hours in the workshop inventing new modifications.

Seeing his creations and modified motorcycles in great races, like the Dakar, on television with his family, makes him even more eager to excel every day.

Josep M. Mercadé

Technical support, assembly and production
Digital communications and coordination

Josep Maria Mercadé

Linked to the world of two wheels since childhood, Josep Maria has always been passionate about Enduro and has a successful record in amateur Off Road racing.

Currently he is close to the speciality of Trial, with his sons competing nationally and internationally.

Friendship, effort, perseverance and balance are some of the values that this sport brings and now are integral to his professional future.